COVID-19 has thrown a wrench into the daily lives of almost everyone but has hit couple’s trying to conceive extra hard.  Whether trying  to conceive naturally or preparing for IVF, most couples I work with had a plan and a time-line to make parenthood happen and COVID-19 was definitely not in that plan.  Although the future is uncertain right now, there are still things you can do to support your body and prepare for conception.

Diet- Cooking at home works in your favor right  now!  Saturated fat, caffeine, sugar, and preservatives negatively effect on fertility as well egg and sperm quality.  Focus on lean protein, fruits and veggies, complex carbs, and good fats like avocado’s and nuts.  Skip the coffee and drink tea, it’s cheaper increases your chance of conceiving.

Supplements:  Don’t stop taking your high quality MTHFR safe prenatal and fish oil!  It takes 90 days for sperm and follicle to fully develop, the nutrients you give your body right now pave the road to having a happy healthy baby in the future.

Use EarSeeds:  Missing your fertility acupuncture sessions?  Try Fertility Earseeds; these handy little acupressure seeds help support the phases of your menstrual cycle, enhance fertility and are easy to use!

Test your fertility hormones and follow the recommended supplement, lifestyle and dietary suggestions to get them in balance.  Thorne’s Fertility panel is an easy to use at home test that looks at 12 different markers to evaluate your fertility profile.

Schedule a Tele-Consult with me to go over your fertility health profile and receive customized recommendations.  This consult includes looking at your health history as well as your reproductive journey to come up with a treatment plan and “next steps” to help you conceive.