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Payment Options

We take cash, debit, credit or FSA and Flex Payments at time of service.

When billing insurance the patient will pay the cash price until the deductible has been met and then the co-pay thereafter. Insurance rarely covers acupuncture for infertility. Some covered health issues may coincide with an infertility diagnosis such as migraines (possible hormone imbalance) or amenorrhea (possible endometriosis), or low back pain (impaired blood flow to ovaries/testes), it is best to list all of your current health issues on your initial intake form so we can determine your specific insurance coverage.

In many cases insurance benefits are limited in scope; examples include only covering 15 minutes of acupuncture, or not paying for services deemed necessary by your practitioner to give you the best care (cupping, electro-stim etc.). If your coverage is limited I offer an add-on called Acupuncture-Plus for $25. This is a flat fee on top of your co-pay that includes one or more additional services beneficial for your condition such as; additional acupuncture time/treatment of multiple issues/body parts, moxa, infrared heat, cupping, Tui Na, KT Tape application, ear seeds etcetera. We can go over this in person when we discuss your benefits and treatment plan. This allows you to maximize your insurance benefits and still receive affordable care.